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Emergency Power

Rest easy knowing you have the added insurance of a proper backup system during power outages.

Are you worried about having the power go out in your home?  Does your area have a history of losing power?  Do you risk a flood if the power is cut during a heavy rainstorm? 
Pump & Power can advise on what it takes to keep essential circuits like your pumps, furnace and freezer working, or install a system that can run your entire house.

To keep things operating efficiently, we recommend Generac generators, the #1 selling brand of home backup generators in North America. As the company that invented the home back up generator category, Generac has set the standard for residential back up power. Why worry about flooding when you have the peace of mind knowing you have one of our systems installed.


Automatic and Worry Free

The Best Guarantee in the Business


During a power outage, our Automatic Transfer Switch System will automatically switch your pump circuit and other important circuits (like your wine room!) to a natural gas generator. Our Generator Controller Unit will start the generator automatically and supply power to your pumps indefinitely. Once hydro power is restored, our unit shuts down and transfers back to hydro automatically. It’s that easy. You do not even need to be home to start your generator because everything is done automatically.


Our company designed and built one of the first gas powered automatic switched generators. As technology evolved, we began installing natural gas. So we know what we’re doing. Our certified technicians use only the best proven products with the best warranties and we stand behind our work with an unheard of 10 year warranty on the installation.

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