Cummins air-cooled generators up 20 kW are capable of managing up to four loads, such as your drainage sump pumps, heater, air conditioner or hot water heater using the appliance’s low voltage thermostat signal. With Cummins intelligent load management, your generator is able to turn that equipment on and off based on household demand to prevent the generator from overloading and shutting down.
Cummins intelligent load management is:
• Integrated into each genset, so no additional hardware is required
• Smart, so it learns load requirements and turns on loads only when the  generator has sufficient capacity
• Faster, due to amperage based response and not frequency
This technology can enable full house protection by allowing you to invest in a smaller generator. The optional load management kit can be used in conjunction with the intelligent load management system or as a standalone kit. The kit includes two relays for controlling higher voltage appliances, such as your electric oven, dryer or even an entire room in your home. The use of normally closed relays saves power. In addition, the kit can be surface or flush mounted for the best appearance. Contact Perimeter Pump & Power, your Cummins dealer to determine the correct system for your needs.



For homeowners living in areas that routinely experience temperatures below freezing, Cummins offers cold weather kits. These kits include various component heaters. Without these kits, you run the risk of your generator not starting, leaving you in the cold. The kits can be installed before or after generator installation by Perimeter Pump & Power, your local Cummins dealer.