Pump system design and maintenance.
Every time we attend a flood where the residence pumps,
the main cause of failure is not having a proper backup.

Sump Pumps are required in drainage systems when the basement or crawl space elevation is lower than the District storm sewer.
But not all pumps are the same. Some are designed to pump large volumes of water. Others are designed to pump higher elevations.
When choosing a pump system for your home, use this simple formula: How High + How Much + How Far.


Here are some things to keep in mind:

How high are you pumping (in vertical feet?)
What size will the discharge pipe or forced main be?
How far away are you pumping until the water will flow from gravity?
How many fittings will be associated with the installation?
How much water will need to be pumped to keep your property from flooding?
How big a storage facility will be needed?

The Right Design for the Job

Two Pumps Save You Money

Invest in Annual Maintenance

The best guarantee in the business

It’s crucial you match a pump system with the specific requirements of your home. For instance, a pump that’s capable of pumping 100 litres per minute without any head loss may only be capable of pumping 80 litres a minute after installing a forced main that goes up 10 feet. Install some fittings that change the direction of the forced main and you’ll see that drop to 40 litres a minute. Install an undersized forced main and that same pump will be struggling to pump 15 litres a minute. That’s why it’s critical to let the professional engineers at Pump & Power design the right system for your home.

We always recommend installing two pumps. If one pump fails, the other pump will act as a backup. Every time we have attended a flood where the residence pumps, the main cause of failure is not having a proper backup. If there are two pumps installed in a pump system, a duplex panel should be installed that allows the panel to turn each pump on alternately. The main benefit of this type of system is to allow for equal wear on the pumps. A duplex panel also comes with a high level alarm. This alarm tells there is a problem the pump station before the water level reaches a flood level.

Annual maintenance on your pump station is the single most important thing you can do to reduce the risk of your home flooding. Island Pump & Power will pull your pumps and clean them, remove debris from your sump and test all your floats. You wouldn’t neglect regular maintenance on your car, why would you risk your home?

We stand behind our all our products with the best manufactures warrantee, and a 10 year warrantee on all of our installations. Our expert installations include cast iron check valves (not plastic), ball-union superblocks, and top of the line pumps from Zoeller and FE Myers. We also install the best SJE Rhombus IFS control panels with run time and counter capabilities, which means we can accurately determine the wear and tear on your pumps.

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