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When it comes to drainage, the hidden details matter most
Perimeter Drainage Ltd is the industry leader in pump station installation, maintenance and monitoring in British Columbia.  With over 25 years of experience and innovation, our reputation for excellence is defined by our commitment to providing customized drainage solutions for each individual installation. Homeowners are provided with a detailed assessment and drainage and pump system recommendations that are unique to their property and drainage needs based on site specifics and the anticipated movement of water on the site.  
Whether it is a new installation or a retrofit of an existing system, our certified service technicians will get your system set up and running right the first time.  Perimeter offers their “hands-down best guarantee in the business” so you…and your property…are dry and protected no matter what nature brings your way.
Next Level Proactive Protection
Water is constantly in motion underground on your property and can result in unexpected (and unwelcome) surprises. Most homeowners do not have the time or experience to proactively manage their drainage and pumping systems before it is too late. Perimeter Drainage can take the worry out of your drainage and sewer pump systems with our 24/7 monitoring service.
Our Pump Station Monitoring Systems (PSMS) provides real time viewing of your SJE Rhombus control panel, pumps and floats. With PSMS, the team at Perimeter Drainage can establish a benchmark for pump efficiency by tracking run time and cycle time and determining any reduction in pump capacity throughout the life of the pumps. We can track alarms, enter all operations and maintenance activities in REAL TIME. This is a key piece of information used to predict when your pumps should be replaced.
Real time monitoring of your pump system reduces your risk of flooding and financial loss.

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  1. Track flows into the pump station. Flows are the highest priority when designing a pump system, dictating not only pump sizing, but retention volumes.  Our PSMS system also tracks seasonal flow patterns and storm events in real time. 
  2. The PSMS system also tracks run times on pumps. Run times are another important priority when designing a pump system to ensure efficiency and smooth operation of the entire system. 
  3. PSMS also tracks pump amperage with an alarm set to activate in the event of excess amperage upon start up.  This alerts our team to attend to the pump station and perform the required tests to assess where the failure is and proactively make repairs. 
  4. The monitoring system also tracks high level and override alarms.  These can occur due to a surge in water flow due to heavy rain events.  This helps our team to assess the suitability of existing pump systems that may have been installed by other providers.  Is there a pump failure?  Or did the water flow exceed the design of the pump system? 
  5. Power outages are also tracked by the PSMS system, allowing for the activation of the backup generator to ensure proper power to the pump station.  Every system needs to have a back up plan that can be implemented quickly in the event of power loss. 

If you don’t have an SJE Rhombus Panel System
add +$750 for an upgrade

Temporary or Seasonal Station Monitoring
Ideal for those who require verification of pump operation and design but do not want monthly monitoring. Perimeter Drainage will install one of our systems adapted to a SJE Panel for 3 months including Premium Plan data and reporting.
Temporary/seasonal monitoring is available in periods of 3 to 6 months. Initial setup cost is $3,275 which includes installation and removal of our Panel Link System, software and station setup and includes 3 months of monitoring. Each additional month of monitoring is $250.
Property owners have the option to continue with PSMS after the seasonal term has expired by changing the installation from temporary to permanent. Cost is $1800 and includes the cost of equipment and the required modifications to the installation.
The Time is Now to Service Your System for Fall/Winter Weather
BC weather is becoming more extreme. Maintaining and monitoring your pumping system is a critical part of Fall property maintenance to ensure your property is ready for the start of the winter rain.
Be Proactive…Not Reactive

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