Estimate your power needs


Here are some tips to help you determine what you need during a power outage.
First of all, your drainage pumps are your number one priority!! The main reason you called Perimeter Pump & Power.
Decide which appliances you can’t live without and which you can. Think about how long the power outages might be. A smaller generator could be good for just the essentials, such as your refrigerator, lights and sump pump during a short-term power outage. But if you’re without power for longer periods of time, how many things can you realistically live without? A larger generator might be a better option for you.
Think about where you’d like your generator located. Local bylaws require you to install your generator either in the front or back yard.  Some allow you to install within your building envelope, but this may be tricky as you need to consider your doors and windows.  There are required distances between your generator and a window or door opening, or cold air intakes and soffit vents.  You also have to respect your neighbours home.  What may be your back yard may be still part of their side yard.  Other factors that determine the optimum location are the location of your gas supply and electrical panel.  Avoid overhangs, breezeways, recesses blocked by trees, shrubs or other vegetation, and areas subject to snow drifts.
Then, with the help of Perimeter Pump & Power and Cummins Generator Size Calculator (located here) we can determine the size required.  Home size, power requirements, generator location and utility and gas location will give us the information to give you an estimate.


Cummins designs and builds the most reliable engines and generators in the world, designed to operate in challenging conditions. In the rare case something does go wrong with your Cummins generator, we’ve got it covered with a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.   Don’t be left in the dark, contact Perimeter Pump & Power at 604-988-4545 to set up a free no obligation estimate to keep your house operational and safe during power outages.