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EMERGENCY BACKUP POWER - Does your area have a history of losing power? Do you risk a flood if the power is cut during a heavy rainstorm? Pump & Power can advise on what it takes to keep essential circuits like your pumps, furnace and freezer working, or can install a system to run your entire house. So you can rest easy knowing you have the added insurance of a proper backup system during power outages.

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PUMP SYSTEM DESIGN AND MAINTENANCE - Sump Pumps are required in drainage systems when the basement or crawl space elevation is lower than the District storm sewer. But not all pumps are created equal. Some are designed to pump large volumes of water. Others are designed to pump higher elevations. When choosing a pump system for your home, use this simple formula: How High + How Much + How Far.

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RESIDENTIAL DRAINAGE MAINTENANCE - Nobody thinks about water damage until it’s too late. That’s why we recommend a regularly scheduled maintenance program to ensure problems are caught before they become expensive. From state-of-the-art video diagnostic inspections to economical jet wash drainage cleaning, you can rest assured that the friendly professionals at Pump & Power will make sure the job’s done right the first time.

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What our customers say:

Chris came over to assess our water pipe issue. He was on time, efficient and very professional. All the crews was very reliable and friendly. Everything went through as promised and I was very impressed by the quick turn around. Thank you for helping me to go through the stressful time with a great sense of humor!

Carrie T, Residential Homeowner, Victoria, BC February, 2017

We live in the upper stretches of North Vancouver, the land of torrential rains, iron oxide issues, and all the hazards of a 45 year old house. Mainland Pump and Power has performed all our routine drainage maintenance over the last 15 years and a couple of ‘frantic’ missions. They have always been efficient, honest, straightforward and knowledgeable. We recommended them to an elderly neighbour who had serious problems and their treatment of her was exemplary. I would never consider doing business with any other drainage company.

Dave S, Residential Homeowner North Vancouver District December 1, 2016

The best drainage contractors I’ve met in the construction Industry – Home Stars Review
Chris Gray of Lower Mainland Pump and Power Ltd is the best drainage contractors I’ve met in the construction Industry. There knowledge in perimeter drainage, collection basin sump pumps, back-up power systems and water harvesting for exceeds anyone else in the industry.
When I refer Lower Mainland Pump and Power to my clients I know they are in good hands and I don’t have to worry about the job not getting done right!!!
Thank you Chris Gray

Tom M, BC Home Inspector North Vancouver District December, 2016

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