Our Team & Five Years on the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Our Team & Five Years on the Ride to Conquer Cancer

“The road is long, with many a winding turn.”

Know who sings that famous song? I didn’t either. It’s a band called The Hollies, and little did they know way back when they wrote it how powerful those words could be for so many people.

It rings absolutely true when we’re on our bikes pumping our legs just a little closer to the finish line on the Ride to Conquer Cancer. And this year there’s a little extra inspiration, even though you don’t really need any extra inspiration for a race like this.

Our donation page is up and running! Donate to the Ride & Team Perimeter right here.

Five Years

We’re heading into our fifth year tackling the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer, and like we say every year, this is going to be the biggest and best yet. Why? Because every time we hop on our bikes it’s a chance to make a real difference not only in the lives of those closest to us, but in the lives of people we’ll never meet.

That’s the true beauty of the Ride. Building support through donations isn’t about yourself or your family – I mean, it is, just not exclusively.

We’re all in this together. Cancer takes bites out of every family. Doing the Ride for five years means we’re doing our part for ours, yours, and everyone’s family.

The Nature of Determination

Next to the financial impact the Ride to Conquer Cancer has, the impact on individuals is fascinating.

The truth is that the Ride teaches you things about yourself, things you might never have thought possible.

How far does your determination stretch?

How strong are your convictions?

How dedicated are you?

It’s incredible what you’re capable of when you’re working with someone special in your mind. That said, the reality is that the Ride is fun. Pure and simple. It’s an opportunity to get out of your daily routine and commit to something greater than yourself, but for a lot of people I’ve talked to, it’s an opportunity to turn off the mind and just enjoy the scenery.

For others, however, it’s a chance to push their bodies and minds to the limit.

Committing to finishing a race while you’ve got a cancer sufferer on your mind will take your determination to a level you might never have experienced before.

Gripping your handlebars and picturing a loved one who’s stared death in the face will infuse you with more power and determination than you’ve ever felt in your life.

In fact, the determination doesn’t stop there. We use the good ol’ Perimeter blog, and now the Island Pump & Power blog to spread the message and inspire others, and it’s all because of the inspiration we’ve received from loved ones who’ve battled the disease. Biking, working, writing – it’s all more powerful when you’ve got the strength of others at your back.

Taking Back Your Body

For five years we’ve grown our team by adding new teammates and forcing them to hop on a bike and train. It’s all in good fun, but a big part of the process is understanding the nature of cancer.

Cancer is a betrayal. It’s a crossing of wires at the cellular level. It can strike anyone at any time regardless of health, age, gender, or race.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t fight back. Riding our bikes to Seattle is a small step on a huge stage, but it’s an ironic representation of the positive power of our bodies and minds, too.

Cancer is bad. We all know that.

But there’s so much good our bodies can do as well.

Our donation page is up and running! Donate to the Ride & Team Perimeter right here.

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