24/7 Live Pump Station Monitoring

A Game Changer in the Drainage Industry

Pump Station Monitoring – A Game Changer

Here at Perimeter Pump and Power we are constantly evaluating our industry and seeing if there are technologies out there that would benefit our customers.  This process we use has many steps.  One of the first steps is looking into the weaknesses of the industry.  Is it quality?  Not likely.  We use great pump brands like FE Myers WHR Pumps  and Zoeller N260 Series pumps.  Other products that make up our pump stations are top notch.  For example, SJE Rhombus has the best panels and floats in the industry.  So next we would look at the operation and maintenance and design of these systems and look for weaknesses there.  We definitely have found a few (more on that later stay tuned).

What is not out there or not currently available or designed that would make the system run as good as the products installed and give our clients security for their homes?

Imaging owning a property that you have spent your entire life dreaming of owning.  If this property includes mechanical or electrical systems, most of these have “Apps” that are available on your Smart phone, including your furnace thermometer, home security systems, lights, music, the list is endless, well not quite endless.  Most newer homes dig deep into the ground and rely on pumps to keep the basements from flooding.  The only mechanisms that are available are control panels that switch pumps back and forth and set off an alarm when one pump is not available.  Some homes have these panels hooked up to the house alarm.  The alarm will send you a text saying there’s something wrong.  Thats it.  You have no idea if its a pump failure, float failure or you are flooding.  Thats great to know when you are out at work, on vacation or enjoying life somewhere.  Little information can cause undo stress.  Most common is to rush home to check out if your basement is flooded, or get your neighbour to do it for you.

Here is where we have have changed the residential industry.

Drainage Monitoring From Perimeter

Perimeter Pump and Power has developed a cost effective  residential Pump Station monitoring system that will allow us to log into software, open up a screen that shows your pump station, and visually checks if there is a pump issue, float failure, power outage, log run times and cycle times on pumps, or check the performance of the pumps in general.  All done remotely.

SCADA is an acronym for supervisory control and data acquisition, a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data.  SCADA systems throughout the world are used to monitor and control equipment thru software developed by industry and is commonly used commercially.  With SCADA, you can establish a bench mark for pump efficiency by tracking run time and cycle time and determining any reduction in pump capacity, track alarms, enter all operations and maintenance activities in REAL TIME.  This is another key piece of information used to predict when your pumps should be replaced.

We also have developed a new pay per use monitoring program.  When you have an alarm, we will get contacted thru email or text and can check exactly what the issue is.  We can then log into the system and visually have a screenshot of the operation of your system.  There are multiple decisions that can be made quickly and we can act accordingly to what we see.  Do we need a new pump or floats, or is there a power outage in the area.  This can also stop emergency callouts that may have been just a surge in flows to the drainage system.  Visual notifications would include power outage, pump failure, float failure, high level alarm, pump starts and stops, run time and cycle time.

Think pump system monitoring similar to your home alarm.  The client can also be contacted for all alarms and be notified for system maintenance and operations.  You can register to be on our maintenance program as well without being monitored at https://perimeterltd.com/maintenance-sign-up/

Developing new technologies and design ideas that put our clients at ease is what we do.  Changing the industry is something we have done for 23 years.  Call us for a free drainage assessment and to see if we can adapt your system, or have us install a new Pump Station Monitoring System that will effectively monitoring your pump system and give you peace of mind.

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