Why You Need High Pressure Jet Drain Cleaning in Your Life

Why You Need A WaterJet Drain Cleaning in Your Life

Ever gone through the home buying process? If you’re here then chances are you’ve bought a house, rented one, or are knee deep in the process of contemplating one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Well, there are few places on the planet that offer a better mix of climate, adventure, and amenities like Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland. From Tofino to Nanaimo to Victoria and everywhere in between, living on the island is a good life.  As well, mention the Lower Mainland, and other than sunny South Surrey, it rains, lots.

Ever driven that highway from Parksville through Port Alberni and on to Tofino? The clouds settle in after an hour and soon you’re greeted by Tsunami evacuation signs. The ocean rising up is a reality of life on the entire island. When the weather isn’t in the middle of a ten-year event storm, it can be gloomy, dreary, and dull overhead.  Go thru Lynn Valley or Deep Cove and there are eerie similarities.

And with all that grey weather comes precipitation. Lots of it.

Which is funny since the rain isn’t actually your home’s main problem.

Don’t Worry About the Rain

It’s not actually the rain you need to worry about. It’s everything that gets in the way of the rain moving through your system.

  • Iron Oxide!  A drainage system killer
  • Roof Debris including all the tree needles
  • Driveway silt and mud

If your pipes are getting crowded by any of these issues, then it’s time to worry about the rain. Rainwater that slowly builds up in and around those blockages will eventually drain slower and slower until – you guessed it – it’s coming back into the house.

So eventually the rain will be a problem, but only if you’ve got other problems already.

Who lived in your house before?

So lets say you’ve finally landed in the house of your dreams. Maybe it’s five years old, maybe it’s 50. The thing with every home’s drainage system is they don’t take long to develop problems if they’re neglected or treated poorly. The problem with internal drainage systems is that problems can be growing that we can’t see. It’s not like exterior drainage – we talk a lot about recognizing symptoms such as sitting water or gushing downspouts. Those can be easy for you to deal with. Just clean your gutters! Or call us and we can start digging to remove large overgrown tree roots.

The best idea is to get your system checked as soon as you move in. A diagnostic camera can clear things up pretty quickly so you know if you’re free and clear or if you need a solution yesterday.

Fight Water with Water

One of the best things about high pressure drain cleaning is the fact it’s totally environmentally friendly. Other methods involve using mechanical cables that can and will break your pipes.  Its old technology and only should be used for root cutting or for removing grease from sanitary lines.

Water jetting? High pressure water with low volume will carefully chip away at sediment or iron oxide.  This is very effective in plastic, big-o or clay tiles.  We do not recommend using a water jetting system on concrete pipe.  It can and will scour the surface of the pipe, and if the pipe is older and deteriorating, this will collapse the pipe. 

Like most things in this business, drain cleaning by water jetting and using a CCTV camera to follow up to make sure the pipes are in good condition might not be the most exciting thing about buying a new home, but it’s certainly one of the most practical.

Please contact us to schedule a maintenance cleaning on your drainage system before you flood, because with lack of maintenance, we guarantee you will flood at some point.

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